Service Bulletins book suppliers

Research costs money, son. How much do you wanna know?

All of my books are sold at the original published purchase price. This does not vary with time. The Service Bulletins book was A$140 on issue in 2004 and still costs the same. 

What does increase with time is the postage this goes up every few months. In the years since the book was published, postage costs have risen a lot. For buyers outside Australia, the exchange rate may move as well, either in your favour or against you. 

The prices listed take into account the fixed price of the book, the current postage costs and the prevailing exchange rate.

You can purchase the Service Bulletins book from a select group of Jensen clubs or direct from me. If you live outside Australia, check with a supplier near you. If they have stock, fine you'll get your book quicker and cheaper. If not, or if you want a signed copy, order direct from me. 

Here are the regular outlets with recommended retail pricing (postage extra):



EUROPE (125)



AVAILABLE DIRECT from the author to the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and NZ (includes p&p)
**See notes below regarding estimated delivery times and insurance.


USA & Canada

Cost Allow for delivery*
Tracked express post US$165 1 week
Tracked airmail US$160 2 weeks
Surface mail US$135 12 weeks


Cost Allow for delivery*
Tracked express post 130 1 week
Tracked airmail 125 2 weeks
Surface mail 105 12 weeks

Europe I

Cost Allow for delivery*
Tracked express post 150 1 week
Tracked airmail 145 2 weeks
Surface mail 125 12 weeks

Europe II

Cost Allow for delivery*
Tracked express post 165 1 week
Tracked airmail 160 2 weeks
Surface mail 125 12 weeks

Europe I   Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland. 

Europe II  all other European countries.

New Zealand

Cost Allow for delivery*
Tracked express post NZ$210 1 week
Tracked airmail NZ$200 2 weeks


Check/cheque in US dollars, NZ dollars, UK Sterling or Australian dollars. Make checks payable to Richard Calver and send to P. O. Box 1264, Tuggeranong, ACT 2901, Australia. 

Bank transfer to an Australian, New Zealand, UK or USA bank (details on request). 

Paypal. Make Paypal payments to and send an email with your mailing address to confirm. 

For Australian buyers, please note that I am not GST-registered (no GST is added). For Eurozone folks, I can't use Euro cheques but you may send Euro notes in a registered envelope. Otherwise, I suggest Paypal or bank transfer.

Savings can be made on postage if more than one book is ordered. For all orders, send an email first to confirm what you want and specify whether you would like a particular bookplate number or a signed book Commercial inquiries welcome discounts apply for orders in bulk.

These rates apply as of January 2019 and are subject to change. 

* Delivery times

The delivery times quoted here are estimates only because the security measures now in place around the world to screen for potentially dangerous contents are having an impact. This means you can expect delays. There won't be anything in your parcel but paper and bubble-wrap but please understand that once your book leaves my hands, it's really out of my hands. 

** Insurance

Insurance is not necessary on trackable express delivery. If you want optional insurance on airmail or seamail, add US$10, EUR 7, 5 or NZ$10 per book. In the past 25 years, I've only had one book go astray (Leon Perahia, you are so unlucky). I think you should be fine without insurance but, if you don't take it, don't complain to me if something goes wrong. I retain posting receipts and will follow up on any delivery problems for you, but I won't make a refund unless you purchased insurance. 

*** Customs at your end

The books are covered under HS tariff number 4901.99.90 (origin Australia). Most countries do not levy a duty on books. If in doubt, check with your local authorities quoting the HS tariff number.


Richard Calver