The Five Volume Set

For those who came late to the party (or even those who came early), you have an opportunity to buy all five of my Jensen books at a significant discount off the individual prices. We're talking a third off the individual pricing, give or take, which means you can catch up with all you've been missing out on and still not break the bank.

The bulk order set includes my latest book, The Jensen Genome, plus All The Models in both the slipcased and softcover editions, the Service Bulletins and Original Interceptor & FF. That's more than 30 years' worth of original Jensen research  in one economy priced package. I'm even throwing in tracked airmail delivery for our overseas enthusiasts. For Aussies, it's A$995 posted.

As they say, this is not available in stores so call now before I come to my senses and pull the offer. A few matching serial number sets are available, but be quick for those.


Price (includes airmail delivery) Allow for delivery
USA & Canada US$995 1 week
UK 775 1 week
Europe I 850 1 week
Europe II 895 2 weeks
New Zealand NZ$1295 1 week

Europe I
   Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland. 

Europe II  all other European countries.



Check/cheque in US dollars, NZ dollars, UK Sterling or Australian dollars. Make checks payable to Richard Calver and send to P. O. Box 1264, Tuggeranong, ACT 2901, Australia. 

Bank transfer to an Australian, New Zealand, UK or USA bank (details on request). 

Paypal. Paypal payments to and send an email with your mailing address to confirm. 

For Australian buyers, please note that I am not GST-registered. No GST is added. 

These rates apply as of September 2019. 

* Delivery times

The delivery times quoted here are estimates only because the security measures now in place around the world to screen for potentially dangerous contents are having an impact. This means you can expect delays. There won't be anything in your parcel but paper and bubble-wrap but please understand that once your book leaves my hands, it's really out of my hands. 

* Insurance

Insurance is included.  

* Customs at your end

The books are covered by HS tariff number 4901.99.90 (origin Australia). Most countries do not levy a duty on books, although Germany seems to do it more often than not. If in doubt, check with your local authorities quoting the HS tariff number.



Richard Calver